Cambridge District post 1932

Group Scarf H.Q. Leaders
1st (Sea Scouts) Sky Blue Assn. H.Q Paradise Street
Scouts: W., 7.30
G.S.M. R. Ellwood, 101 Windsor Road
Instr. J. Fuller, 6 Perne Avenue.
Instr. S. A. Melbourne. 269 Mill Road.
5th (Perne School) Purple scouts : Perse School, Hills Road
Scouts: M. F. 3.30
Cubs: Perse Prep. School
Cubs: W. 2.10
G.S.M. G. M. Macfarlane-Grieve, Toft Manor ('Phone Comberton 233)
A.S.M. F. V. H. Ramsbottom, 442 Milton Road.
Instr. F. G. Finch, 42 King Street.
C.M. Miss J. Barker, Perse Prep. School, Bateman Street.
ACM Miss A. Wilson, Perse Prep. School, Bateman street.
7th (Cambs. High School) Scout Green/Royal Blue Cambs. High School for Boys. Hills Road
Scouts: F. 6.30
G.S.M. W. J. Lowey, 2 Mortimer Road.
A.S.M. Dr. R. Randell, 5a, Bridge Street
A.S.M. C. P. Brand, 77 Oxford Road
A.S.M. D. E. Varley, 170 Gilbert Road
Rover K. Emburey, Pine Gates, Long Road
A.S.M. P. D. Snelson, 127 Victoria Road
9th Scout Green H.Q., Paradise Street
(Pack Temporary : Navy, White Border)
Scouts: Th., 6.30
Cubs: Tu., 6.15
G.S.M. Rev. C. T. Wood, Queens' College
A.S.M R. Gibbons, 80 Perne Road
C.M. Miss R. M- Tyrrell, 18 Albert Street
A.C.M. Mrs. Beilby, 25 Priory Road
A.C.M. Mrs. Woodward, 3 Kendal Way.
11th Orange Troop: Ingleside West Road
Pack: St. Mary-the-Less Parish Room
Scouts: F., 7.30
Cubs: Th., 6.
G.S.M. K. F. Medcalf, 179 East Road
S.M. F. A. J. McKenzie, 44 Rathmore Road
A.S.M. J. E. Norman 31 Montague Road
A.R.S.L. T. Craske, 57 Coronation Street
C.M. Mrs. Thurbon, 47 Cromwell Road
A.C.M. Miss W. 0. Austin, 97 Russell Street
Secretary : Mr. A. McKenzie, 44 Rathmore Road,
12th (Viscount Clifden's Own) Royal Blue/Sky Border. Gold Arrow Head H.Q behind Portland Arms, 129 Chesterton Road
Rovers : "The Adventurer", Scout Dock, Riverside Court, Chesterton Road, M. 8
Cubs: Sixers and Badges, M. 6, Group H.Q. Sat. 2.30, Milton Road School
Scouts: Tu., 7.30
Sea Scouts : W,, 7.30
Senior Scouts: Th., 7.30
Senior Sea Scouts: F. 7:30
G.S.M. W- A. Mackrow, 31 Hertford Street.('Phone 5229)
Rovers : R.S.L. T. Neech, 39 Warren Road
Scouts: S.M. F. P. Ellwood. 101 Windsor Road
Sea Scouts: A.S.M. D. G. Barham, 65 Victoria Road
Senior Scouts: S.M. K- A. Taylor, 6 Primrose Road
A.S.M. G. 1A. W. Angel, 4 Green Park
Senior Sea Scouts: A.S.M. J. D. Pearce, St. Faith's School
C.M. Miss B. Tabbitt, 9 Suez Road
A.C.M. Miss C. Cowell, 58 Hawthorn Way.
13th (St. Philip's. Notts. Own) Grey/Scarlet. (Pack Temporary : Navy, Light Blue Inset Border, Flash of Group Colours) H.Q., Marmora Road
Cubs : M. and Th. 6
Scouts: Tu., 7
Seniors: Tu., 9
G.S.M. R. E. Loades, 158 Blinco Grove
S.M, A. H. Martin, 50 Great Eastern Street
A.S.M. H. W, Pettit, 23 Hobart Road
A.S.M, A. E. Starkey, 109 Hemingford Road
CM Mrs. Isaacson, 82 Cromwell Road
A.C.M. Miss D. Rose, 11 Hobart Road
Secretary : A.S.M. A. E. Starkey.
15th (St. Giles) Emerald /Grey Border Parish Room, Honey Hill
Scouts : Tu. 7
Cubs: M. 6
G.S.M. J. Norris, 3 Hale Avenue
A.S.M. W. J. Robinson, 1 Green End Road
A.S.M. J. J. Wolfe, 7 King's Hedges Road
C.M. Mrs. B. Unwin, 27 Histon Road
Helper: Miss D. V. R. Unwin, 27 Histon Road.
19th (Wesley) Maroon Wesley Church, Christ's Pieces
Scouts : Tu. 7
Cubs : F. 5
G.S.M. J. E. Halstead, 112 Chesterton Road
G.M. Miss 1. Hole, Wesley Manse
A.C.M. Mrs. Ramsbottom, 442 Milton Road
Chaplain: Rev. R. V. Spivey, Wesley Manse, Christ's Pieces.
23rd (St. Matthew's) Purple, White Stripe St. Matthew's Institute, Ainsworth Street
Scouts: M. 7.15
Cubs: Tu., 6.30
G.S.M. F. W. Feary, 13 Milford Street
R.S.L W. T. Thurbon, 47 Cromwell Read
A.S.M. G. Russcll, 22 Gwydir Street
A.S.M. 1. Meadows, 118 Fitzroy Street
C.M. R- Jackson, 60 Ainsworth Street
A.C.M. R. Furlong, 15a Stone Street
Secretary : W. T. Thurbon
Old Scout Secretary : E. Tilley, 43 Kingston Street
25th (Victoria Road Cong. Church) Sky, Dark Blue Stripe Victoria Road Church Hall
Scouts : W. 7 ; F. 7.30
Cubs: F. 6.30
G.S.M. L. Collis 69 Akeman Street
C.M. Miss J. K. Tyrrell, 18 Albert Street.
26th (Zion) Royal Blue Zion Sunday School (Petersfield entrance)
Scouts: M. Th. 6.45
Cubs : M. 6.30
G.S.M. H. G, F. Cann, 8 Elm Street
C.M. Mrs. Cann, 8 Elm Street
A.C.M. Mrs. Miller, 3 Elm Street
28th (St. John's) Scout Green/Black St. John's Parish Hall,Blinco Grove
Cubs: M. 6
C.M. Miss F. E. Isaacson. 142 Blinco Grove
A.C.M. Miss N. 1. Cook, 56 Victoria Road
A.C.M. Miss B, M. Summers, 25 Owlstow Road
29th/42nd (Holy Trinity) Royal Blue. Gold Border Trinity House, King Street
Scouts : Th., 7.15
Cubs: A Pack, Tu. 6
B Pack, S. 2.30 Road.
G.S.M. J. Hustwait, 54 St. Andrew's Road. Chesterton
A Pack, C.M. Miss B. M. Stanley, 23 Arbury Road
A.C.M. Miss Curzons 43 Lovell Road
B Pack, CM Miss 1. G. Long, 10 Gwydir Street
Helper : Miss M. J. Squire, 5 Tennis Court Terrace
Chaplain : Rev. G. Jackson.
31st (C.U.S.G,) Sky Blue St Giles' Parish Room, Honey Hill
Rovers : See Fixture Card
R.S.L. Dr. J. Parry, Clare College
A.R.S.L. J. G. Manners, Queens' College
D.C.C. Rev. G. K. Tibbatts, Sidney Sussex
Senior Treasurer: Professor P. W. Duff, Trinity College.
44th (Trumpington) Black In abeyance  
60th (Leys School) Cambridge Blue/Royal Blue Leys School Hut
All Scouts' : W. 2
Seniors: Alt. F. 8:40
Rovers; Alt. Th. 8.40
G.S.M, R. P. Ayres, 6 Rustat Road. 'Phone 87833
S.M. M. F. Howard, 68 Grantchester Meadows. 'Phone 4363
A.S.M. 11. S. Davis, The Leys School
A.S.M. D. S. E. Hayward, Micklem, Sedley Taylor Road
A.S.M. R L. Rothwell, Jackson Leys School
Chaplain : Rev. Garnett Benson, 17 St. Barnabas Road
Group and Old Scout Secretary : A.S.M. H S, Davis
68th (Byron House School) Green In abeyance