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13th Cambridge (Notts Own) Scout Group Diamond Jubilee 1910-1970

1970 is the 60th year of the 13th (Notts Own). The original register shows the Troop was founded 1st June, 1910 - the first Scout Master being Maurice Eastwell. A.S.Ms. were J. W. Leighton and Frank Ranner, being succeeded in 1912 by H. W. Benson of Emmanuel College and the Revd. Richard Cripps -Curate of St. Philip's.

In 1913 came the Nott Brothers (L. C. Nott and H. P. Nott) - both were killed in the 1914/1918 War - H.P. Nott 27/4/1916 - and L. C. Nott 18/4/1917, being awarded the Military Cross. A.S.M. of the 1913/14 period was H. N. Still of Christ's College.

In May 1916 the Troop was re-organised by Alan Wacey (a Master at St. Philip's Boys' School), with Jack Moy as Troop Leader - later acting A.S.M. The plain brown troop scarf was dropped in favour of the present grey and claret, around this period.

In the middle of 1919, A. G. Hutchinson ("Hutch") returning from war service was asked to re-start the troop With very little knowledge-but, with enthusiastic and loyal help from Freddie Fuch, Sydney Odom, Bill Stigwood, Billy Mason and Miss Gwendoline Bryant (Girl Guide Captain) - a temporary headquarters was found in Tennis Court Road, where also were the 11th-with whom the troop became associated.

During three years or so here, the troop had a very active life - part of the headquarters being available every night in the week-either "the den" or the big room upstairs. Apart from normal training activities-there was boxing instruction under Mr. Lowings - inter-troop football and cricket-and many community service efforts: - the Christmas toy collection, packing and delivery over 500 parcels for Mr. Peter Blowers. Delivery of 900 invitations poor children's entertainment at the old "Rendezvous" for Mrs. Mason. Distribution 10,000 leaflets League of Nations Union Rally for the then Mayor (G. P. Hawkins, Esq.) In this period the troop was strengthened with the inclusion of Bernard Armstrong, Peter Le Neve Foster, Rovers Ward and Wilson - Troop Leader Billy Baker Patrol Leader Claude Palmer (the present G.S.L.) Joint camps with the 23rd (St. Matthew's) were held at Heacharn and Dovercourt Bay-and with the 6th (Higher Grade) at Stow-Cum-0uy.

A play "The Fortune Teller" was produced by Bill Stigwood, and an exhibition and sale of work for the St. George's Day 1921 - to assist the "Vermand" Belgian Relief Fund, was presided over by Mr. E. H. Church, President of the local Scout Association. With the departure of Mr. Hutchinson from Cambridge-the troop was carried on by Sydney Odom - with J. L. Mason as A.S.M., assisted by E. C. Corks (Queens) and T. M. Cherry (Trinity).

The Late 1920's - the 1930's - the 1940's - the 1950's to the Present Time

1928-1930 G.S.M. W.G.D. Clee A.S.Ms. T. F. Legge, L. Mason, P. J. Goodliffe, D. J. Oakman, W. J. Warner (St. John's).

1930 A.S.M. George Pettitt with Sydney Odom as Honorary S.M.

1931 G.S.M. R. E. Loades with A. C. Baxter (Jesus College) as A.S.M. It was during this period-thanks to previous research work by Mr. Baxter, the "Notts" legacy became available, and this was used to pay for the Marmora Road Headquarters George Pettitt and his brother Harold with other contemporaries, who formed the Rover Crew at the time, did much of the work on the original building.

1933-1935. G.S.M. and R.S.L. was R.E. Loades, with A.S.M.s Dan Gentle, Mervyn Thompson. C.M. was Miss F. Clarke, A.C.M. Miss C. E. Gresham.

1935 - 1936 G.S.M. John Covell, A.S.M. H. A. Wright. The War Period-1938/41 shows G. L. Dunn in charge of Scouts and Rovers (probably from 1938) with assistance from R. E. Loades, J. B. Bennett, and Dennis Newman. Miss F. Clarke (Mrs. Squires) was C.M.

1943 Records give "Bunny" Bennett in charge Scouts and Rovers with Arthur H. Martin (now H.Q. Field Commissioner) and Charles White as T.L.'s. Then follows a period with no certain dates-but probably prior to 1947. G.S.M. R.E. Loades, S.M. A. H. Martin, A.S.M. H. W. Pettitt, A.S.M. A. E. Starkey, C.M. Mrs. Isaacson, A.C.M. Miss D. Rose, Cub Pack Workers are also given as Mrs. Wisbey and Miss G. Cross. It is thought that Dr. "Jock" Dawson of Hadstock (now an A.D.C. for Cambridge), also assisted in running the Troop during the war.

In 1948 Fred Coston became A.S.M., and S.M. a year later, with Terry Ward and John Chambers as A.S.M.'s. Mrs. Rose Coston was in charge of the Cub Pack 1950-1965, being assisted by Mrs. Day, Miss Symonds and Miss Saddington. Mrs. Day took over the Cub Pack in 1965.

The extension of the Marmora Road Headquarters was opened by the Revd. Canon Sydney A. Odom, H.C.F., on May 13th, 1961 (Syd Odom is remembered affectionately as one of our hard-working early Scouters). This new part of the headquarters had already been in use for some months - much of the actual erecting, site preparation, etc., was carried out by John Chambers and his contemporaries (unrecorded hours of extreme hard labour of which few people know).

Over the last 20 years, the following have assisted with the Troop:- Ralph Tabrum, Colin Chambers, Ron Milton, R. E. Collins, Brian Coleman Eric Maskell and more recently Brian Johnstone. Mr. and Mrs. Coston, John Chambers, Claude Palmer, have each been awarded The Scout Association "Medal of Merit" in recognition of outstanding services to the Scout Movement.

Written and published by A.G. Hutchinson (Honorary S/L)
To celebrate the Group's Diamond Jubilee 1910-1970
And in grateful memory of the Nott Brothers

Compiled from information supplied by Bill Thurborn and Ken North and from original registers

Electronic Version January 2003: Jonathan Yates